Emoji pic of Tyler Gumb

Hello I'm Tyler.

A front end developer & UX designer with a background in entrepreneurship.
Based in Seattle, WA.

My Story

I'm a front end developer with 3 years of experience building and designing for early-stage startups I founded. I have extensive knowledge in building React and GatsbyJS web apps.

Why work with me? 🦄 It is possible to find experts who combine UX & UI, or even UI & front-end development skills. But to combine the skills to create amazing user experience and the technical ability to bring that to life, it takes one rare gem.

The rare gem you've been looking for 💎 I take pride in bringing an unusually broad skill set encompassing UX design that speeds up workflow. I don’t just seamlessly communicate with designers, but also provide deep design feedback. Tight on resources? No problem. I can take up some UX design work as well. I’m that rare.
My Work

Anxiety relief box of supplements

Galini Health

Role: Founder, Development, UX Design

A personalized subscription service for the management of stress and anxiety with natural supplements.

Screenshot of Meme Wars mobile game

Meme Wars

Role: Founder, UX Design, Prototyping

A cryptocurrency based meme battling game with wagering mechanics, utilizing (at the time) cutting edge NFT technology and blinded two-sided staking.