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The Tinder of What to Do


Scope: 4 Weeks

Role: Concept development, UX design, User testing, Video

Team: Tyler Gumb, Ashley Jang, Wei Ting Kuo, Azucena Roma

Summary: An App



Planning an impromptu


There is a trade off where excessive documentation takes away the novelty of travel.



How can people be informed in
a spontaneous, not annoying way
of events in the city they are visiting?

Target User

Business traveler doesn’t have much time to plan in advance and wants to do things on short notice when some time frees up from work


Paper Prototyping

Image uploaded from iOS (7).jpg


screens FOR WEB.jpg

User Testing

We did 4 rounds of user testing with the different prototypes we created. The feedback we received informed our final design:

  • Select mood in beginning
  • Move back and forth between multiple events
  • Lots of Images
interview FOR WEB.jpg
interview finl FOR WEB.jpg

Final Design