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Park Zuckerberg


Park Zuckerberg

Redesign of the
Central Park Conservancy's
Calendar of Events Page


Scope: 7 Weeks

Role: Performed Interviews, Analysis and Synthesis of Findings, Contributed to UX Design

Team: Tyler Gumb, Mischa Fierer, Young Jang, Wei Ting Kuo

Summary: The Central Park Conservancy came to our class interested in a redesign of their calendar page. Our study began by constructing clear goals and methodologies based on an interview with stakeholders. We then setup our screening criteria to ensure recruitment of users that would bring significant value to the study. Qualified participants were interviewed and thier engagement with the calendar page was observed. A debrief session was performed immediately following the interview to synthesize findings. A new design of the calendar page was prepared, through precise analysis and integration of what was learned in the user interview sessions. Research was conducted again with participants using a prototype of the new design. We iterated based on our findings from the second round of research and presented our final designs to the stakeholders.

 Existing CPC Events Page

Existing CPC Events Page

 Our Redesign

Our Redesign



The current calendar of events page on the Central Park Conservancy is outdated and a pain point for users

We established a set of research and design goals based on interviews with the Senior Web Manager at CPC, Libbie Hayward.

Goals of the Calendar page:

  • Attract more visitors to our events
  • Increase in fundraising
  • Increase in tour revenue

Experience to Be Tested in Research:

  • What task brought the participant to centralparknyc.org
  • How did they land on the events page (e.g. global navigation or search)
  • Experience of the overall Calendar of Events page
  • Experience of the individual event pages


Participants qualified for the study based on their residential proximity to the Park and likeliness to support. 30-minute remote moderated interviews were performed using Ethnio, with remote observation of their use of the page. A debrief was conducted for deeper synthesis and analysis of the research artifacts.

Initial interviews were performed exploring the user experience of the current CPC events page. Following those interviews, we prepared an initial design and Marvel prototype. Another round of interviews were performed on user experience of the existing events page and on the prototype of our redesign. Following these interviews we iterated on the design and then made our final proposals to CPC.



We found that the vast majority of visitors to the CPC website came from social media, because of these findings the primary focus of our redesign was to integrate the CPC calendar page as much as possible with these social media streams and external sites users are frequenting.


All elements of the redesign were done with direct reference to user feedback from interviews.

The primary focus of our redesign was:

  • Integrate social media to meet people where they are
  • Integrate alerts to make events page more useful
  • Use increased engagement to add more CTAs to donate